I offer a 24 hour health guarantee on my reptiles. If I do not hear from you within 24 hours of reicieving your animal(s), I will assume that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and consider our transaction complete. Because I have no control of how you will keep your reptiles. I cannot offer a guarantee longer than 24 hours but, I will try and help you out as much as possible is something comes up.  I do know that sometimes animals can just up and die, with no indication why.  If this occurs, and I am convinced that this is the case then I will do my very best to make things right.

If the sex is not specified, all geckos are sold as unsexed. I do not sell my geckos unless i’am 100% sure of it. I provide an 100% sex guarantee if a animal is sold as an sexed animal. However, i expect that the costumer will double check the gender of the animal and contact me within 48 hours if the animal appears to be the wrong gender. If i have not heard from you within 48 hours, i will be consider our transaction complete.

Depending on factors such as environment, stress and the presence of food, the color and/or intensity of the color on most geckos will change. With this in mind, my guarantee does not apply to color. However, in the case of baby geckos, you will most likely have a very pleasant surprise in store as the animal grows to its adult size. I will do everything I can to make the pictures as accurate as possible.

Shows and reservations
If i have a table at a show, the animals have to be picked up before 12 o’clock, unless agreed otherwise. if the animals are not picked up before this time, they will be sold on the table. I ask a non refundable deposit of 20% in order to complete the reservation.